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Four ways to convince a friend to join you for board game night

1st of December, 2022

Are you a nerd who owns board games?
Have all your friends left you because you insist on dice-rolling important decisions?
Do you stop thinking till it’s your turn?

Well we’re here to help you salvage what’s left of your friendships. Keep reading to find out four exciting ways you could convince your “friends” to show up on your next big game night!

Tell them it’s your love for karaoke and need to anxiously socialize that led to this urgent invitation: You know your friends. They’re not going to stop being lazy on a Friday to make weird noises in Ooga Booga with you. The truth will leave you friendless so tell them what they want to hear- that they get to watch you sing badly and embarrass yourself. Before they realize what’s happening, you will have them entangled in your favorite game. Hah! You’ve done it again.

Offer them gifts you will not be able to afford: Who doesn’t love gifts? Did you hear your friends mention that they dig a certain piece of clothing? Are they looking forward to fancy new speakers? Maybe they want to buy the newest phone? Let them know you’ve got their back. Assure them that money is no object as long as they come play with you and win. They’ll never win! After all, you know your way around these games.

Make them realize they’re missing out: Do your friends want to go to parties instead? It’s on you to induce some FOMO in them. Tell them you’re actually cool, that your hobbies get you invited to all the hottest parties in town. You friends will soon realize they’ve misjudged you. It’s finally time for activities you like doing!

Tell them about Gulmondi: If your friends are in love with fictional cities like the Gotham City in the DC Universe, chances are they will dig the island of Gulmondi- where all the board games of Kraftz are based on. Make them feel like they are residents of Gulmondi, and they will be hooked on to all the games that are connected to the island!

Get your manipulation game going!

- Abhik Hasnain
Marketing Executive, Research and Developement Executive
Kraos Bangladesh.