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Lights out!


4th of February, 2023

A big blast, and suddenly everything is black.

What on Earth is going on?

Oh, of course. It is yet another blackout.

Been a millennial, blackout is not something new to me, but its recent emergence has been quite a problem; especially when EVERYTHING we do nowadays is connected to the internet. And to the utter disappointment of my two younger siblings who are mostly glued to their phones and tabs, our generator is not connected to the plug points, so the router is shut down. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was connected anyway; for this time, credit to a mysterious reason, the caretaker of our building informed us that he cannot start the generator. Due to some ‘technical reason’.

Right. Another way to say he’s too lazy to do that after dinner time.

Now then, what do we do?

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The journey to a new Board Game with BRAC

13th of October, 2022

As we sat on our absolutely stunning booth of the Board Game "মাটি থেকে মুঠোফোন" on the second day of Frugal Innovation Forum 2022, we've had a flash back of the past seven months; of amazing moments that Team Kraftz will cherish forever! Having the honor to craft a Board Game with BRAC   Social Innovation Lab, having weekly meetings and testing out the game at BRAC Center with the team, multiple visits all over Bangladesh and seeing how much the students have learned and enjoyed the games, it all felt like a dream, that certainly came true.

Let’s go back in time!

On a busy afternoon of 7th of April 2022, we have received an email that got the entire team of Kraftz on their feet- an email from BRAC, from the department of Social Innovation Lab.

“Collaboration Opportunity to Design a Game”

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What is Kraftz up to?

24th of October 2022

"Kraftz, what are you up to?”

We got bombarded by this question many a times by many of you, so we thought of creating a blog and tell you what our team is up to lately!

With the end of October, one of the largest project we’ve ever worked on is also coming to its end. That is, the creation of a Board Game with BRAC for the Mobile Money Project, funded by the Gates foundation. We have successfully launched the game at the Frugal Innovative Forum, and we’ve gotten an amazing response from everyone. 

Now, let’s talk about the projects that we are set to launch very soon! We are super excited for the upcoming months, for we have many things in the offering, for you. 


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Project দেশ

Patriotism comes to all of us on 21st February, 26th March and 16th December. We get goosebumps listening to the national anthem when our cricket team is playing on a big stage. But should patriotism
only be confined for specific days or events? 

A nation must be celebrated in every possible way, and in order to love it, one must get to know about the nation first. And for that, the best learning method must be implemented- that is, Experiential learning. With our experience from Kraftz, a brand that has been creating experiential and interactive products since 2014, we have decided to land a project- a movement that will make everyone get to know our motherland more. 

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4 ways to convince a friend to join you for Board Game night

Are you a nerd who owns board games?
Have all your friends left you because you insist on dice-rolling important decisions?
Do you stop thinking till it’s your turn?

Well we’re here to help you salvage what’s left of your friendships. Keep reading to find out four exciting ways you could convince your “friends” to show up on your next big game night!

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