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Project Desh

Patriotism comes to all of us on 21st February, 26th March and 16th December. We get goosebumps listening to the national anthem when our cricket team is playing on a big stage. But should patriotism only be confined for specific days or events? 

A nation must be celebrated in every possible way, and in order to love it, one must get to know about the nation first. And for that, the best learning method must be implemented- that is, Experiential learning. With our experience from Kraftz, a brand that has been creating experiential and interactive products since 2014, we have decided to land a project- a movement that will make everyone get to know our motherland more. 
So let us get to know Bangladesh more, and love it- through Project দেশ!

Vision Statement
To make everyone get to know Bangladesh more, and love our motherland.

Mission Statement
To enlighten everyone about the rich history of Bangladesh, as well as the current development of the nation through Experiential and interactive products.

Tag line
দেশ কে চিনুন, দেশ কে ভালবাসুন।

Possible Product Lines
All the products of Project দেশ has to be experiential in nature- so that the users/customers can:

- Get to know about Bangladesh
- Showcase their love for Bangladesh
- Be aware of our achievements of the past, and present
- Be involved in the progress of the country

These are the potential product lines that our team has thought of so far:

  1. Coloring Fridge Magnets: with the monuments of Bangladesh, as well as the recent developments of the country available in the format of a fridge magnet that can be colored. People can add color to the manmade creations of Bangladesh, and display them with pride on their Refrigerators.
  2. Stamp-Layout Stickers: stickers with illustrations of the monuments, recent developments, as well as the map of Bangladesh. The stickers can be attached on any hard surfaces, so people can showcase their love for Bangladesh by attaching it on their work station, laptop, work desk, etc.
  3. Flash-Card Based Hybrid Trivia Game: a game that involves flash card with over 150 questions and answers regarding the history of Bangladesh. It will be a two player game, where each player will be quizzing his/her opponent by asking the questions from the flash cards. Each player will have ten Health coins that they lose individually if they fail to answer the questions correctly. It will be a very highly entertaining way of learning about the rich history of Bangladesh.
  4. Coloring Plates Individual- An upgradation from the existing line of Coloring Plates of Kraftz. The front side of each plate will have the black-and-white illustration of the great monuments of Bangladesh (example- Shongshod Bhobon), while on the back side of the plate, will be the history of the monument written in both English and Bengali. The plate is to be sold individually, preferably with a stand, on top of which the plate will sit, so that it can be displayed anywhere with pride.
  5. Premium Hardpaper Bookmarks: bookmarks themed on Bangladesh can be an excellent way for people to showcase their love for the country- be it the monuments, recent development or about a specific celebration (example- Pohela boishakh).
  6. Desh Bhromon Game- a game that is based on the players travelling the whole country through the board, and get to know about each and every district.

The brand has been officially released on late October, and here are the products we have created thus far: