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What is Kraftz up to?

24th of October, 2022

"Kraftz, what are you up to?”

We got bombarded by this question many a times by many of you, so we thought of creating a blog and tell you what our team is up to lately!

With the end of October, one of the largest project we’ve ever worked on is also coming to its end. That is, the creation of a Board Game with BRAC for the Mobile Money Project, funded by the Gates foundation. We have successfully launched the game at the Frugal Innovative Forum, and we’ve gotten an amazing response from everyone.

Now, let’s talk about the projects that we are set to launch very soon! We are super excited for the upcoming months, for we have many things in the offering, for you.

Number one, Project Desh.

A nation must be celebrated in every possible way, and in order to love it, one must get to know about the nation first. And for that, the best learning method must be implemented- that is, Experiential learning. With our experience from Kraftz, a brand that has been creating experiential and interactive products since 2016, we have decided to land a project- a movement that will make everyone get to know our motherland more.

So let us get to know Bangladesh more, and love it- through Project দেশ! The brand is set to be launched on late October, or early November.

Next, the Lazy Series!

We are creating something unique for those inactive hours of yours where you just have to bite your time! Many of you are stuck in traffic for long hours lately, for which we’ve been even getting messages from you, telling us to create something that will help you spend these highly unproductive hours. That is why, we are launching the lazy series- in form of a book, and in form of a game! Both the creations have a motto of making sure that you still feel lively and happy the next time you are stuck in traffic.

And lastly, a project we have been working for close to three years- Chaos in the City!

We have finally started to develop this highly immersive experience for you guys. For those who do not know, Chaos in the City is a detective case series that we have been working on since 2020. It will be based on Gulmondi like all our existing games, but it will take a dark turn, and make you walk through the shoes of a detective, solving crimes in the city. It is not a board game as we’d originally planned, rather an immersive experience that one will go through a detective case. You can go through the photos of the crime scene, see videos of the suspects, and even email or text people in real life! We have started working on the first part, that is volume one of the series, and it is called Mr.Kodeman. We are thrilled to work on something so wild and immersive, and we really hope you guys will end up having a truly unique and spine-chilling experience with Chaos in the city.

Well, is that all from our end? Not quite, as we are also working on other projects as well. Learning via Gamification has been in the mind of Team Kraftz for a long time, and it feels great to see NGOs and corporate entities heading in the same direction. Our Research and Development team has completed certified courses on Applied Behavior Analysis, since what we deal with are experiential and interactive creations in manner, and it inevitably leads to modification in behavioral pattern.

We are really excited about the upcoming projects that we have for you Krafters, and we really hope you are excited too!